Morning at the lake

We had a great morning at the lake. I took my son and daycare kids. A friend met us down their so the kids could play and get rid of some energy. When the sun was hiding behind the clouds it was beautiful and perfect. We fed the ducks and sat by the lake for a bit too. I decided to test out some make up and see how it would hold up in the sun and me getting sweaty. I used Sephora’s CC creme, put on mascara, eye liner and then I sprayed my face with Urban Decay’s finishing spray. I have to say it has held up well. I bought Nyx’s butter gloss in strawberry parfait a few weeks ago, I LOVE the way it goes on. It truly is smooth and creamy.

When I told my son he was coming with us to the lake he wasn’t all that happy. Mean mom (yea right, hardly!). He needs to get some sun and take in the sand, water, trees, and whatever nature stuff he can. I love being in nature I feel so refreshed when I am around it.  If I am in the sun too long it drains me, so I make sure I don’t over do it. The daycare kids are down for their naps and my son is calm. See I told him it would do him some good.


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