Tried a new recipe

I was on Pinterest and I saw this recipe called Sicilian Rice Ball Casserole.  I remember My Aunt Stella telling me years ago how Pa loved to eat rice with meat sauce. I thought that was odd but after having this dish I totally understand. It is delicious!! It reminds me of lasagna. Everyone in my family had seconds 🙂 When I made the recipe I tweaked it a  bit. There was no garlic in the sauce. I’m sorry that is a sin!! To add a bit more umf to it I also took some carrots juice, about a 1/4 cup red bell pepper, and a handful of spinach blended it up and added it to the sauce. My middle child is so anti veggie it is really very sad. She got her veggies today :). I do not add all the tomato sauce to the meat mixture I  put in about 20 oz and the rest will be saved for the rice

2 cups long grain rice

4 cups water

3 sweet Italian sausage links, casing removed

10 oz ground turkey

1/4 cup minced onion

salt and pepper

5 oz frozen peas

29oz tomato sauce

1/3 cup egg beaters or egg whites

1/2 cup pecorino romano (I used a lil more)

cooking spray

4 tbsp. seasoned bread crumbs divided

1 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella

cook rice in water according to package directions. Set aside to cool

Meanwhile, sauté sausage, meat, and onion until browned.  Season with salt and pepper. Here is where I also added onion and garlic powder. Then add peas and 16 oz tomato sauce. simmer on low about 20 minutes.

Preheat oven 400. In a large bowl combine rice, romano, eggs, and 9 oz tomato sauce and mix well. Rice should be a bit sticky

Spray a 9×12 casserole dish with cooking spray, making sure to spray the sides too. Add 2 tbsp. breadcrumbs to the dish and roll around to  coat the bottom and sides.

Take half of the rice mixture and cover the bottom of the dish and up the side; press to form the bottom layer

add half the meat sauce

sprinkle with mozzarella top with remaining rice and press until even. Top with remaining meat sauce, remaining 2 tbsp. breadcrumbs, and remaining mozzarella.

Cover with foil and bake 20 minutes. Remove foil and bake 10 more minutes. Cut into 8 pieces.

one serving is 367 calories, fat 9.5g, carb 46g, fiber 2, protein 21g

Try it you won’t be sorry!!! Oh…I also made a salad to go with it.


Freezing in the Midwest

It has been freakin freezing around here!!! Saturday was 45 degrees and then Tuesday it was -6….the great Midwest. Why am I not in Arizona?!?!?! Because I want my kids to be around their family….I gotta keep saying family is important, family is important. Not like I need a reminder but when I am freezin my tush off being in Arizona sounds and feels so much better. Plus that is where my mama is.  I have been juggling school, family, household crap, and life. At first I did not really get my Communications class but now I get it. This class is all about teaching us the writing style guide so we can write successful papers. Health and Wellness rocks!! LOVE IT. I had to lay the smack down on the kids over the weekend. It seemed as though I was the one cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with school. A 23 year, 16 year old, and a 13 year old not to mention the hubby and I am the only one doing things. Not working for me! So I gathered the lil chicks and had some words. Being a family we should all be pulling together and having each other’s back. Not being lazy and thinking I am going to be picking up after everyone. I get overwhelmed with making sure my school work is done. Now I have to say my 13 year old is a HUGE help around here, I cannot complain bit about him. He has that mentality that family helps each other out and does their share. Too bad his sisters don’t think that way.

So I just finished reading Reaper’s Property. What is it with me and these bad ass alpha bikers lol. What ever it is I loved reading about Horse (his nickname because he is……hung like one LOL) and Marie. I would add more to it but can’t at the moment.

I have a pork roast in the crockpot, I am making it cuban style and we will having black beans and rice with it.YUM!


Classes have started and I am getting myself organized to balance school, home, and life. So far so good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my health and wellness class! So far twice this week I have woke up with a sinus headache, though today it’s turning into a migraine :(:(:(. Not sure if I mentioned I got the NutriBullet for Christmas? Well I did and I am in love with it! Every morning I make the hubby, kids, and I a smoothy. I have veggies, fruits, vitmains, EFA oil, and chia seeds. I have come up with some very yummy concoctions


1c mango

1c pineapple

1 ½ coconut water

1c spinach

¼ c fresh lime juice

tbsp. ground chia seeds


blend till smooth. I use fresh and frozen fruits so that way the frozen will help thicken it up. To me this one is very refreshing . Sometimes I will add some peaches and peeled cucumber to this also

Very Berry

½ c strawberries

½ c blueberries

½ c raspberries

½ c blackberries

½ of a mango

½ of a avocado

4 oz coconut water


blend till smooth. Watch out for the seeds


I tend to add in cucumber, carrot juice, cooked beets, kale, cashews, etc to my smoothies. Play around with the different fruits and veggies it’s really fun. Oh yea I also add in a tbsp fresh parsley too. My next herb to try is cilantro

Broccoli Rabe

I have never had it before and I wanted to try a recipe that calls for it. I didn’t realize broccoli rabe is bitter. I am not a fan and won’t be using it again, I can tell already my hubby is not going to like the meal I prepared. It was good if you didn’t get any of the broccoli. So note to self if a recipe calls for broccoli rabe I will use regular ol broccoli!!!

I hope my son doesn’t get sick during his ju jitsu class from eating dinner, that wouldn’t be cool. I’m sure Ben Rothwell wouldn’t be happy with me (it’s his gym and he might be teaching the class). 🙂


I’m a pimp?

I have a friend that is in Alabama who has never read 50 Shades of Grey….crazy I know!  What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t endorse a good book or even recommend others? She told me she was going to go to the library to get the book Wednesday morning and then listed other things she was going to do. I stopped her and told her not to even go to the library until she had all her errands and housecleaning done, if she gets that book before she won’t get a thing done. LOL She called me 3ish yesterday and the first thing I hear is not hello….oh no it’s GIRL you did not tell me Christian is the way he is, he is messed up! I started to laugh, uh yea! I told her not to give up on lovely Christian. I reminded her she needs to discipline herself with taking regular mini breaks. Time flies when you have a good book and your head is in fantasyland. I get another call from T, giiiiiiirl (southern drawl) she is reading the contract now. Then she adds in, “if I had to guess Christian is falling for Anna”. I am trying really hard NOT to say much. I tell her she needs to get a damn kindle, I have a TON of books I can share with her and supply her with tons of Alpha male hotness. My hubby over hears me saying this and calls me a smut slut pimp…..LOL what? Yup he says because I’m recommending the smut books to my friends I’m a pimp.

And because I have read quite a few books since May I guess I’ve turned into a smut slut. Oh really? So I tell him maybe he should read some of these books because I tell you if he acted the way these men do, took better care of himself physically I would barely give him enough time to go to work (sorry too much info I’m sure).  I have been with this man over 14 years and I’m allowed to dish out the sassiness! I’m not a horrible person or wife and I’m not trying to change him….however isn’t life about learning and growing LOL :). Anyway….you know what he says to me? “You know how much I hate to read”….Seriously?!?!? You mean to tell me if a book didn’t give you some good ideas you wouldn’t read it…O’well his loss then LOL. I looked at him and said uh huh I bet if I went to Barnes and Nobles and picked up 50 Shades of Pleasure there would be no problems reading that book. Huge smile comes across his face. That’s what I thought. So I tell him about a review I read on Amazon about how this gentleman’s wife recommended to him, that he should read her books. He did! He said it was the best thing he ever did for their marriage. HA! Love it!!!

So here I am Sassypants the smut slut pimp at your service. I am thinking it is time to read another book. Be blessed my friends 🙂



Young Love

So my best friend/cousin is down in Florida visiting her mom and dad. She took her daughter, son, and son’s girlfriend. I have heard over the last year that M and Z are a trip to be around when they are together. I’m not talking about in a good way, more like an annoying way. M is 17 years old and has been dating Z for a year in a half. Miss Z is VERY jealous, clingy, wants M to spend all his time with her and when they aren’t together she is constantly texting him asking him what is he doing, who’s at the house, etc. M and his brother J were playing an xbox game and Z started crying because M was having more fun with J than her……WHAT?!?!?!

So my cousin R warned M that the fighting, crying, jealous crap better not happen while they were on vacation. M promised it wouldn’t happen. Yea I have had to calm R down 4 different times in the past 3 days. R was telling me that her dad made a bon fire outside and that Z dragged M in the house because she was bored and didn’t want to be out there. R’s brother RJ came over with his girlfriend and her daughter. Z got upset because the RJ’s girl had a dress on and Z said she looks slutty. She didn’t want M looking at her, M kept looking in the other direction, RJ is trying to talk to his nephew and M wasn’t looking at him because his girl was next to him and Z was getting upset. Seriously? Then Z and M were fighting again and R’s dad heard Z tell M he needs to walk away from his mom and dad when they try to talk to him about his relationship to her.

R then tells me that M and Z are in “couples” counseling at school. WHAT?!?!?! I guess the counselor agrees with M most of the time because Z’s behavior is……weird. This poor girl has some major insecurity issues. M doesn’t smile, isn’t his outgoing goofy self, he doesn’t hang with his friends. I told R maybe she needs to let the school counselor know what happened and maybe she has some ideas how to handle it. R doesn’t want Z at the house anymore. Z was out of line quite a few times. R told Z, M is in Florida to see his family not hang out with her. M also has a friend that is in Florida and the friend doesn’t like Z at all. The friend is on R’s facebook and Z got totally upset saying that it is disrespectful to her that R has the friend on her facebook and R should delete him and apologize. OMG that is insane.

I am getting upset along with R. She has tried to talk to M to tell him he needs to put a stop to the behavior because it will never change if he allows her to act that way. Oh have mercy!!! There have been many different people that have told M how crazy this relationship is.

Is it a self esteem thing? How many people do you know that turn a blind eye because they love the person even though friends and family tell them otherwise. Then after awhile they see exactly what the other people were saying. I hope when my kids are dating that they make good choices for a partner and recognize the red flags. I have already told my kids if one of their mates isn’t acting right I will say something, they can get mad all they want. I know I would do it in a respectful way and not make the situation worse. However, if it comes down to it is it a good thing to have a brother come to his sister’s defense to remind the boy to have manners?

I have tried to teach my children to teach people with respect not be jealous, etc. I would be upset if my child behaved like Z has!!! Then they would get in trouble for worrying me LOL I don’t want any gray hairs or wrinkles. I always joke with my girls to not get so upset about small stuff, it causes wrinkles. It gets them to think about whether a situation is really that big of a deal to have a wrinkle :).

If I am having to take some deep breaths with M and Z how am I going to be with my own? Have mercy!!!


So I was looking at my herb books and started reading about Agrimony. It’s very interesting to me to see how it has been used through out the years.

Singers and speakers have been known to gargle with a half glass of agrimony water then spit it out, it refreshes their throats before performances. If you have a sore throat from a cold or flu you can too use the gargle to get relief.

In ancient Greece, this herb was prescribed for eye complaints. Anglo saxons called agrimony garclive and used it primarily to treat wounds. In Chaucer’s time herbalists still prescribed it for wounds. They also mixed it with mugwort and vinegar to treat patients with back pain. No sedative properties have been found but should you place a spring of this herb on your pillow it’s worth a try to see if it helps you fall asleep. At the end of the 16th century, herbalists prescribed agrimony remedies for rheumatism, gout, and fevers. In the late 1800s it was used to treat digestive problems, bowel complaints, asthma, coughs, and sore throats.

Agrimony does have astringent properties and the tea has been prescribed for internal bleeding and loose bowels. Chinese herbalists have prescribed it for patients with blood cells in their urine. The zulu use it in cases of tape worm. For any of these kinds of problems you should see your physician rather than just treating yourself at home. For minor aliments teas and poultices made with agrimony can be tried and may be beneficial.  To relieve a sore throat try gargling with an infusion of agrimony. The tea has been drunk to alleviate coughs and to clear skin eruptions. To make an infusion take 3-4 teaspoons of the dried leaves with 1 cup of water. Drink a cup a day.

To heal external wounds, you might try a poultice made from the fresh leaves. The plant contains certain compounds that react with sunlight, and if a treated area is exposed to the sun a rash might develop.