My aha moment yesterday

I was talking with a friend recently about the class I am in. I was expressing my frustration and how I cannot wait till it is done. As we were talking about the class and what we felt would be a better way of doing certain things a light bulb went off in my head. What if this was happening to teach me a lesson? Maybe I am supposed to remember what it is like to feel this way so I can open myself up to my students and give them the opportunity I needed in this class? Sometimes I get irritated that something “bad” is happening to me but forget there is always a lesson to learn in every thing we go through. How many times when we were children did we say we didn’t want to be like a parent? I didn’t necessarily not want to be like my mom but because of what I went through I have done whatever I could to be there for my children. I want to be better.

Has anyone heard about a Maya Angelou’s Caged Bird Songs? I have pre-ordered it on iTunes!!! I love her and her work. When I first started this class the instructor asked us if we could be any super hero who would we would want to be and why. There was everything from Superman to Wonder Woman. I picked Maya. To me even when she made bad choices in her life, she still was amazing. I can’t even say they were bad choices, because they made her who she was and that was something I dream to be.

I woke up thanking God for my breath, my children, my husband, and being here. I watched the sun come out and my energy level went up. I have to take advantage of that so I am off to have a great day. I hope you do too ๐Ÿ™‚

Be Blessed!


I’m still alive

I really do try to make sure I keep this thing updated and then I get overwhelmed. I’ve been dealing with family, school, health, and life. My best friend recently passed away from cancer in July. We have known each other since I was in third grade and even though she moved away in 1987 we always kept in contact. It started out as thyroid cancer but after 8 years ย it was the lung and liver cancer that took her. My heart broke, not only for me but for her family. I hear Ozzy Osbourne’s Goodbye to Romance, Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide, or many other songs and it takes me back to our teenage years driving around laughing. She was beautiful and I’m thankful she was my friend.

I really love being in school and each day I get closer to my goal. I wanted to start taking two classes at a time to get done faster but then my thyroid rears it’s ugly head. On a positive note I have been having more good days. I have been able to listen to my body more and get connected with what is needed. I have been limiting dairy, eliminating gluten, and making sure I eat fresh and clean as possible. The only fast food I even somewhat will eat is Panera. Taking supplements has been a constant and I find I have to take b-comlex, vit c, selenium, iodine (4 times a week), multi, and others. I also bought a juicer and have many some fantastic juices. I have noticed some juices bother my stomach more than others. I have to test out to see if it indeed is carrots and beets that seem to get my stomach icky. I really like using cucumber, celery, ginger, and lemon, with a few different fruits. ย I made a apple/black grape juice one time and well let’s just say I did not leave my bedroom that has a bathroom in it. If you need to cleanse try it!!

Still working with children and loving it. I love love love teaching but most of all I love watching the awe and wonder in their eyes when they are learning. Children are so smart and the humor that come from them really does make my heart joyful. So as I take my classes I save all the chapters, articles, and assignments I feel will help me when I am done. I am always learning something new to make me a better person. One of my kid’s parent told me I am the rock in her family. They are going through a divorce and I am the stable part even for mom. How can I not cry and feel thankful I am there for the family? What’s that saying I am not my sister’s keeper, I am my sister? That’s exactly how I feel.

Know what I should be doing right now? Making a menu for the week so I can go grocery shopping in an hour. I just felt the need to get this updated and HOPEFULLY keep up. I have spent the last 3 days at this computer researching, posting, writing a paper, and making a powerpoint presentation. I need to get a more comfortable chair! I went to bed Friday at 10pm and woke up Saturday at 8am, that normally does not happen. My brain must have needed the rest lol because normally I am up between 5-6.

OH!!! I recently purchased magnesium oil by Ancient Minerals. I was going to wait until last night to use it when I was going to bed but I did it first thing in the morning. I applied it all over my body, except my face, let it soak in for 20 minutes, then I took a shower. I hardly had any achy joint yesterday and my skin is so soft. Love it….

I’ve rambled enough and need to get that menu done!! ta ta for now