Learning something new

I received a text from CVS telling me two of my prescriptions are ready to be picked up. I go on the CVS app and almost faint when I see how much those medications cost!!! This is ridiculous. I miss the days before 2008 where my monthly contributions to my insurance policy actually paid for things and didn’t put my family into the poor house. I never had a deductible and they paid a lot more of the services. I pay so much it medical every year it is disheartening. I am trying so hard to get my health back on track so I don’t have to take these medications but in the mean time I need them in order to live.

I have really been listening to my body and what my blood sugars are so I can continue on getting healthier and losing weight. I am down 50 pounds so far woo hoo! There is something I have noticed this time of me losing weight……my breasts have shrunk. I know that happens to a lot of people but it hasn’t ever before. This time around I have totally changed my eating lifestyle, I have been vegetarian for almost 2 years however, since being diagnosed with diabetes I have gone more Whole Food Plant Based. Could it be that not having the meat in my body has cleared it of bad hormones? You figure so many of the animals are genetically modified to grow faster and they are fed a lot of soy. If I look at how many women 20 years ago weren’t as big breasted as they are (without surgery that is) now. My stomach is also going down quicker than in the past and I feel amazing compared to, well ever. I look back to even when I was 16 and I struggled with fatigue and feeling blah. Now if only my family would listen and try being healthier.

I have also been trying to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I will sit in the sun for like 15 minutes later in the day when the sun rays aren’t too harsh. I absolutely love the way I feel when I am around nature. I feel like we all need to get back to being outside and doing things to connect us to the earth. I love walking around barefoot on the grass or sitting on the ground. Now if I can get some indoor plants to help cleanse the air. I have cats that will try eating them and I don’t want the plants hurt nor the cats. I have to figure out how to hang them with the tall ceilings I have.

I have been reading Sadhguru’s book Inner Engineering and it is really making me take a look at myself. He says, “once you take charge of your inner life, there is no such things as stress”. HUH a life with no stress? I have listened to many videos of him saying it always confuses him that the United States talks about stress management, like why are you giving this time and energy? Interesting to say the least. Did you know there is substantial medical and scientific evidence to prove that in a state of anger, you are literally poisoning your system? When you are angry, your very chemistry is altered, and your system turns toxic (immediately remember suffering from adrenal fatigue for 15 years) and that intense activity and sleep are times when this chemical mess can undo itself. OK, got it so now how can I stop this and do better? Any ideas?

Be blessed my friends


End of the year ramblings

Who would think getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes would be a blessing? I do. I have been vegetarian since June 2017 and have been doing well. I think my body is detoxing all the years of not eating right. Once I was diagnosed with T2D (type 2 diabetes) I had to find a diabetes educator. I found Mastering Diabetes and watched all of their videos and read all of their articles. I quickly became a member so I could have support and be educated more. The owners of MD are Cyrus and Robby, both young men that have type 1 and had other health issues when first diagnosed, when they went Whole Foods Plant Based they had a lot of healing happen and they do not need as much insulin. Cyrus has a Ph.D in nutritional biochemistry and more importantly he follows his own advice to others.  So once I learned about insulin resistance even more and about WFPB I began tweaking my lifestyle again. I do take medication because I wanted to make sure my body wasn’t going to be harmed by high blood sugar but the amount has been lowered. My average BS was 232, A1C was 10, cholesterol was 198, insulin was 23.4 (yikes). I also started seeing a nutritionist close to home and everything I told her about MD she loved. The weight started falling off, I began exercising, and then it was time for my 3 month blood tests; BS average was 150, A1C was 6.4, cholesterol was 169, insulin was 8.4. HOLY moly that is awesome!!

I learned what foods make my BS go up, what makes me feel like crud, and what makes my BS lower. Let me tell you having T2D is no joke!! When my blood sugar has been too high or too low I feel awful and twice it has thrown me into a panic attack at work and thank goodness I got out of my classroom before it bad. I’m thankful I recognized the fast symptoms I was having and another teacher was right by my door so I had her go in. The second time I called the office for help and someone was there instantly. The last thing I want to do is scare my class. I have to plan my meals and I have to bring food with me wherever I go. When I had to fly back to Wisconsin because my niece passed away I had to make sure I had food for the plane ride and where I was staying.

I have lost 35 pounds so far and as of right now my BS average is 120, insulin is same, A1C is 5.8, and cholesterol is the same. I did have a hemorrhagic cyst in August that caused havoc to my body. That sucker was the size of a golf ball and painful! I had to go to half day at work (which the boss was not happy about). I had surgery in October to remove it and I am finally feeling awesome again. I am back to exercising. 

I want to make sure I am working through my grieving and that I am supporting my body as much as possible. Losing my two cats a week apart has been so hard!! It has been four weeks since Monster left and tomorrow will be three weeks Daisy left. I miss them SO much. I love the memories I have of them but life is weird without them. They were apart of my family for over 19 and 17 years. I am thankful we adopted two kitten the beginning of November. They are siblings the boy is named Chester Bennington and the girl is named Freddie Mercury. They are adorable, sweet, and naughty. Slash is having a blast with them. When Daisy and Monster were alive they also really liked them.

In my health journey I stumbled on a video on YouTube (gosh I love this site). The young lady talks about health and healing. She made a comment about eating foods that have been alive (fruits and vegetables) because how can foods with no life bring us life and healing? A good thing to think about. For today I made sure to drink my celery juice for breakfast (thank you Medical Medium) and I have not eaten any regular foods yet. I am going to try to do intermittent fasting. I have heard some really great things from people who do it.

With the New Year coming why not cleanse my body and my home? I am making a list of things to do with my body to cleanse it (food, sitting in the sunshine and when the moon is out, juices, smoothies, soups, detox baths, castor oil packs, warm oil massages, etc) and then I am making a list of what to clean and declutter in the house followed by saging it from top to bottom! I found this thing on Pinterest where you take a large mason jar and fill it with paper of good things that have made you happy or have happened to you through out the year. What a great idea, I am going to give this to my children and hope we can come together at the end of next year to see the year’s awesomeness.











Saying Goodbye

When you have an animal or animals you always know the day will come where they will leave this earth. Knowing and it actually happening are two totally different things. I have had Daisy and Monster for 19 and 17 years. They have been with our family through sicknesses, moving, kids growing up, and everything else. They were our family. On November 25, we had to say goodbye to Monster. He wasn’t eating and was having gastroenteritis issues; he received a anti nausea shot and some antibiotics for the intestines. In the past when Daisy or Slash have had gastroenteritis issues that did the trick but it did not for Monster. We took him into the ER vet Sunday and immediately when they took his temperature they took him in the back (it was 94.9). They brought him back wrapped in a blanket with a heating pad. The vet and tech both said that Monster’s stomach felt mushy and they look on his face told me everything. He didn’t think Monster’s outcome was good. I think he felt it was cancer but with the way Monster was dehydrated despite drinking, the IV fluids, etc he had been through enough. We did do blood tests again (we had them done a fews days prior) and when the results came back it showed low kidney function and he was not producing red blood cells. Monster had been having issues with diarrhea and terrible smelling gas and he let one go in the office that was awful. I put some paper towels under him in case he had to go potty and I noticed blood was all around his rectum. My heart sank and I knew it was time to let him go. I knew Monster would always fight to the end to be with me and he did. It broke may heart to make that decision but I couldn’t have him suffer. I held him in my arms until the end and still held him for a bit after he left.

Daisy started having the same issues; not eating, diarrhea, and vomiting we took her to the vet quickly because she has had gastroenteritis issues over the past year. She always bounced back after the shot and antibiotics but this time she did not. She was declining fast and I knew it was the same thing that happened with Monster. So one week and two days after Monster transitioned, Daisy also transitioned from here. This time my two youngest kids were present as we held her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses goodbye. I can only hope she was greeted by Monster and Pepper.

It has been heartbreaking to come home. I always greeted each animal with hugs, kisses, and pets. I had Daisy from the time she was a kitten and Monster was a year in a half. I miss their presence, I miss their meows, I miss their begging while we ate dinner, I miss them laying on my lap, I miss Daisy sleeping on my pillow, I miss Monster sleeping next to my side. I miss them so much. I will be busy doing something and all of a sudden this wave of sadness and awful pain comes over me. It takes my breath away and I have to pause a minute to get my bearings back. I have so many pictures and awesome memories of them, I will forever celebrate what they meant to us.


I subscribed to Gaia. I am so happy I did this! Yesterday I watched a series on the Yogic path. It goes into detail about different types of yoga and so much more I am just now starting to understand. I have to say this whole experience is beautiful. Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion/love, Jhana is wisdom and knowledge, Karma is action, Kriya is action/movement….. there is more.  I have to find out if someone practices them all or one or a few. When learning about Bhakti it was said that it is about making more love by putting it out into the world, not just in principle, but also in practice. One of the easiest ways to understand the path and to expand our devotional attitude is to treat others the way we would like to be treated. I have learned about chanting the different names of the Divine. What I really liked is they said if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim you can chant what you call God. Then I learned about Jappa.

I hope I can find someone that can teach me more. I have always wondered about Hindu and Yoga, this has definitely helped me to understand more. I love learning new things.


Be Nice

As a teacher I always teach my class about being nice, respectful, and be understanding. Of course there is way more that I teach in the character department but the simple ones I mentioned really need to be applied to social media. A friend of mine said she needs a break from social media. I get it, it can be brutal out there! Many people need a time out!! We need to focus on what can we do to make our world a better place. That can come in the form of respecting someone’s opinion especially if it differs from your own. I get now why the Bible says be slow to anger, we need to listen to people and see where they are coming from. Does anyone seriously think that if they shove their opinions down someone’s throat in a mean way that it will get that other person to open their minds or consider their view? So just be nice!


Good Morning :)

I have finally applied for my diploma (who would have thought after graduating I would have to apply and pay $150) and I am registered to take the professional knowledge state test Feb 10. Pray for me, send positive vibes, whatever you do I need all the positivity I can get! I have the study guide and they recommend studying two hours a day. That is totally do able. I love teaching I really do but I can’t help that I have other thoughts swarming my head. What thoughts you ask? Thoughts of giving young children holistic teaching and learning so they have a solid foundation when they enter kindergarten. I have been in the preschool environment for 14 years so maybe it is habit? But I have always wanted to have a house with a decent amount of land so I can have an addition on my house or a preschool, a garden, small farm, and a wonderful place for the children to play. I am very eclectic in my teaching philosophies. I love the different theories because they can work together and provide the best environment for a child to learn and grow. I have always loved Howard Gardner and Abraham Maslow’s theories. I think our education system needs to take a step back and see what we have done to the classrooms and see where we can change it for the better.

The things learned in preschool/prek will help a child when they are in elementary school. For example, if a teacher has a sorting activity it helps the child learn how to classify objects. That is something that is needed as they are in school. I hear a lot of teacher say how the fine motor skills in their students are very poor. In preschool the children should be doing many activities that strengthen the fine motor skills. The reason I want a preschool addition on my house is because it creates a homey feel, the land is important for the children to learn, explore, and discover. They need to be out in nature! If there are animals around they can learn so much (they would not be allowed by them without supervision). Think of all the great things they would learn by planting food and flower gardens! Then to take the food and make yummy food with it or make beautiful flowers arrangements in the school.

This is my struggle. I am not financially ready to take on such endeavors but I’ve had that dream in my head and heart for a long time.

I joined Forks Over Knives meal planner and I am so happy I did because it really helps me. I made a menu for the whole month for myself and the rest of the family. I found a recipe on SkinnyTaste.com quinoa enchilada casserole OMG ya’ll it was so good!! I over course add to it because I just like to put more flavor in my food but it made a lot of food for me. I had it for lunch the next day and I still have plenty. I am hoping my family will come on board with this healthy lifestyle.

Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.

– The 14th Dalai Lama

Do you make new year resolutions? Do you reflect on the year and figure out how to do better, be better, and what you are grateful for? I saw the above quote and I just sat there and thought about it. I have been all about bettering my health and wellness as well as making a better life for me and my family. It also made me think of a conversation I had recently with my oldest daughter. She has gained weight and her self esteem is pretty low.  There is a young man that she has been talking to online for awhile now and she is chicken to meet him (she is not social like her mama that is for sure). She is even more afraid to meet him after the weight gain. I told her to stop putting her life on hold she is going to be 28 years old and she needs to live and have fun now. I warned her to be careful or she will look back on her 20s and regret not living her life.

One good thing is she is in school so that will contribute to a goal she has. When I ask her what are some things she enjoys to do, she said she doesn’t even know anymore. She feels like the things she enjoyed doing years ago she doesn’t now. I told her that is the fun of life interests change and that is ok. I asked her what does she want out of life? what does she want to learn? where does she want to go? I found some journal prompts on Pinterest so I emailed them to her and told her to answer the questions and go from there.

The one thing I have been tired of saying is we can’t afford to do…….

Now that I am not in school anymore I feel like I can get back to living life and I need to figure out what I want to learn next. Lots of thinking and journaling to do!

ta ta my friends