My home is a comedy club!

Holy humidity! Going outside is not fun. My air conditioning in my car is not working, so driving my son to Jiu Jitsu is going to be hot. Dinner last night was totally yum! I made picadillo. I have frozen sofrito so I pulled out enough to equal 1/4 cup. I chopped up a quarter of a yellow bell pepper, and a small carrot. They were added to the turkey meat as I was browning it. I am trying to add more vegetables to my meals so I decided to get some frozen chopped spinach and throw in about 3 tablespoons. I love the tanginess green olives give the meat, but my husband and son complain when I chop them up. To be kind I left the olives whole. Do you know they still complained??? Hello not having them in there makes a difference in the flavor, pick the darn things out and hush! Seriously, why do they have to mess with my cooking? I have been Pepsi free since the very beginning of May so now I am going to try to stop drinking coffee. My youngest daughter doesn’t think I will do it. She says I love the taste too much. Yes that is true and I only have 1 cup a day, however, I want to keep the acid in my body as low as possible and for other health reasons.

I have a week off from school, I have to get the financial stuff fixed before I can start the next two classes. I have to say I am not too sad about this. I think having a week off will give me a bit of a breather. My grand niece is three weeks old today, she is beautiful!! She reminds me so much of her mama. It seems like yesterday I was helping my sister take care of her. I told my oldest she needs to step it up my grandma clock is ticking!!! She thinks I’m crazy, she’s right but that’s not the point. In fact I had to tell her it’s time to take control of her life and live it, not go through the motions. She should be having all kinds of fun discovering herself and spreading her wings. At least she has a boyfriend, they have been together for 4 1/2 months. It won’t surprise me if they end up married. Do you ever get a feeling about a couple? I get that about them. You see, my daughter has been her own worst enemy. She has kept herself bottled up in a shell and because of it she has missed out on a lot of fun things in life. Oh and it has messed with her self esteem. My daughter is a HUGE over thinker!! I tell you what, I love her so very much, but there are times I bust out laughing when she is on her spazz mode. My youngest daughter now understands what I have gone through, she told me the other day, “Mom, I’m about to smack D, did you drop her on her head?” LOL no I did not drop her on her head, she was a preemie and there was a possibility she had a seizure when she was 2 weeks old so they put her on Phenobarbital for like 5 months. I think it stunted her emotional growth!!! I promise you, I have my own comedy club right here in my home. Anyway, so yes I think my daughter and her bf are good for each other. It’s kinda funny that her bf has dyslexia just like my son and she understands her brother much better now. I am also seeing the shell slowly peeling away, when her boyfriend is being a brat, my daughter’s feistiness is coming out. Poor dude doesn’t know what he’s getting into because she at times sounds just like me LOL.

I think I need to read Kristen Ashley’s new book, heck I don’t even remember the name of it. I try to take time to read something other than psychology or continuing education for my preschool certification, but that doesn’t always work. Or I am catching up on my continuing education for preschool.

I have been using just plain ol coconut oil on my skin after a shower. My skin is feeling softer!! Added bonus is coconut oil protects the skin from the sun. I have been out in the sun a lot so this is a good thing.

Time to go do something productive. Be Blessed 🙂


Morning at the lake

We had a great morning at the lake. I took my son and daycare kids. A friend met us down their so the kids could play and get rid of some energy. When the sun was hiding behind the clouds it was beautiful and perfect. We fed the ducks and sat by the lake for a bit too. I decided to test out some make up and see how it would hold up in the sun and me getting sweaty. I used Sephora’s CC creme, put on mascara, eye liner and then I sprayed my face with Urban Decay’s finishing spray. I have to say it has held up well. I bought Nyx’s butter gloss in strawberry parfait a few weeks ago, I LOVE the way it goes on. It truly is smooth and creamy.

When I told my son he was coming with us to the lake he wasn’t all that happy. Mean mom (yea right, hardly!). He needs to get some sun and take in the sand, water, trees, and whatever nature stuff he can. I love being in nature I feel so refreshed when I am around it.  If I am in the sun too long it drains me, so I make sure I don’t over do it. The daycare kids are down for their naps and my son is calm. See I told him it would do him some good.