Holy Overwhelming day batman!

Talk about having an overwhelming day yesterday! I had waaaaaay to many sad things happening. My assistant is having another miscarriage second one this year :(, if there is someone who would make a fantastic mom it would be her! Then my Aunt passed away Sunday morning. She was a wonderful woman, had 9 children and was married to my Uncle for 53 years. You would’ve thought they were newlyweds their entire marriage. I’ll take the word of what others say since I haven’t even been on this earth 53 years. My ex was saying not true and mean things to my daughters on Father’s Day (I’ll have my rant)about me. Then I has 12 kids in my class, 2 of them are disabled. Having me and a assistant wasn’t enough. I’m hoping we aren’t combining today. I had a ton to do and by the time I was done with work I was done with even attempting my to do list. Instead I went to my kitchen and cooked puerto rican pork chops, rice, and beans, sliced up some avocado. It was a very flavorful dinner yummmmm. I’ll post the recipe when I get home from work. I HAVE to go grocery shopping or my children are going to go on strike. I left them a note saying I wanted this house cleaned it was trashed and I was about to throw a mom fit :).

Needless to say when I walked in the door after the day I had yesterday, it was a refreshing sight to see and smell how clean my house became. I have some awesome children that’s for sure.

Wish I had more time to ramble but I have to get out of here and start my day. Be blessed till next time :):)


After 50 Shades of Grey to Gabriel’s Inferno

After reading 50 shades, I wanted to read more. I went on my kindle and started searching through books. I came upon Gabriel’s Inferno. I purchased it and was hooked!

I got into the book and couldn’t put it down! I could totally see Ian (Damon) from Vampire Diaries as Gabriel lol. Then after Gabriel’s Inferno was Gabriel’s Rapture, loved that one too!

One thing I’ve been noticing more lately when I’m reading different books is the spelling errors. Don’t they proof read the books? Do spell check? I remember finding an error in a book was rare.




Good Weekend

My oldest Marie is now back for good. I can’t even begin to say how I feel so complete  with her here. I’m not one of those over bearing moms who wants to keep their children little forever. I LOVE seeing them grow into awesome adults. Having one of my children live 1800 miles from me stunk! She did it for a very good reason but it didn’t work out. Now she can be with her family, not just me. I’ve seen her and her sister have a relationship this weekend that I’ve always dreamed of.  So now I have Marie, Elizabeth, and Brendan all together. One of my best friends Renee was also here for the weekend.  We had a great time laughing, swimming, cooking out, sitting outside at night talking. I really enjoy doing these things, especially when the kids are having fun and laughing with each other. I managed to keep my house pretty clean too LOL. I made some of Marie’s favorite dishes that she’s missed out on since her last visit two years ago. It’s still hard to believe she is old enough to drink, where she got her liking  for beer I’ll never know ew!  I’ve never been one for alcohol, once in a while and it better not be a strong flavor, fruity for me.

Marie was able to transfer from her job in AZ to here and she’ll start that Tuesday, she is so excited.

Now it’s time for me to do laundry, make a menu for the week, pay bills, and get myself ready for the work week. Oh I better set the DVR to record Super Soul Sunday.  Have a fantastic day today!

Be Blessed 🙂