Chaotic girl over here

Can I just say that life has been chaotic to say the least? The family and I packed up and drove 1900 miles to much better weather the middle of July. My daughter, the cats, and I drove in my car. The cats did very well thank goodness!!! We bought a cage that had mesh around it and it was large enough to have both cats and a small litter box (food too). Driving through Iowa was really pretty, Kansas was too until we got more south then it was like fooooooooorever till we got out of there. Pretty much it was like that until we got to Albuquerque, then nature’s beauty started to show. I absolutely love Payson, AZ area I have decided I want a vacation home there. I even drove through the mountain and it was breathtaking. I did hold my breath many times but I just went as slow as I needed to so I could feel safe. My car did a good job doing all that driving through such hot weather too. She might be 15 years old but she is dependable and I love her!! I put in a job application the afternoon before we were leaving and that Monday as I was driving through AZ mountains I received a phone call. I wasn’t able to call until the next day so I had an interview. Within 10 days of moving 1900 miles I had a job!!! I had to put together my classroom and curriculum in two weeks and let’s not forget I am still in school through this whole time. I asked my advisor if I could please wait two week before beginning my next class. Thank goodness I was able to so I could concentrate on my classroom.

We are on fall break right now and I am enjoying every minute of it! It has been great being able to hang out with my old friends again. When I get back to work I will be doing a new “study” with the children. We use Creative Curriculum and the study we are doing is music. I am gathering a bunch of books on music, instruments, pictures of instruments, and youtube videos that can help me show them different types of music around the world. I am so excited about this study.

I am in the process of getting my friends and some family members together to make Blessing Bags for the homeless. I don’t know if I should keep it between us or ask if anyone else wants to donate to our cause and open up a gofundme account? What do you think? Have any of you ever fed the homeless on your own? I just feel like there is so much negativity going on in the media and around the world I have to do more than wish it was different or pray about it. I have to do something!! I have Bob Marley’s Redemption Song and One Love playing over and over in my head. I am so disappointed with the way the politicians are behaving and what they aren’t doing. Banning, offense, hate, intolerance, judgement, greed. it is all too much. I need to saturate myself with positive words, songs, stories, events, and thoughts! I need to help and give back.

I haven’t even been able to read any good romance books lately, I know it’s sad isn’t it? I need to take some time to clear my head with other books besides academic ones!! However, I have been on Organic Olivia’s blog and read some rather interesting information on health issues. I believe my gall bladder is acting up and I am trying so hard to NOT need it removed. I’m not sure it is working but I have to try. I heard cardamom is good for gall bladder aliments so off to Sprouts I will go tonight.

Speaking of health I need to get something to eat. Ta ta for now my friends 🙂


Freezing in the Midwest

It has been freakin freezing around here!!! Saturday was 45 degrees and then Tuesday it was -6….the great Midwest. Why am I not in Arizona?!?!?! Because I want my kids to be around their family….I gotta keep saying family is important, family is important. Not like I need a reminder but when I am freezin my tush off being in Arizona sounds and feels so much better. Plus that is where my mama is.  I have been juggling school, family, household crap, and life. At first I did not really get my Communications class but now I get it. This class is all about teaching us the writing style guide so we can write successful papers. Health and Wellness rocks!! LOVE IT. I had to lay the smack down on the kids over the weekend. It seemed as though I was the one cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with school. A 23 year, 16 year old, and a 13 year old not to mention the hubby and I am the only one doing things. Not working for me! So I gathered the lil chicks and had some words. Being a family we should all be pulling together and having each other’s back. Not being lazy and thinking I am going to be picking up after everyone. I get overwhelmed with making sure my school work is done. Now I have to say my 13 year old is a HUGE help around here, I cannot complain bit about him. He has that mentality that family helps each other out and does their share. Too bad his sisters don’t think that way.

So I just finished reading Reaper’s Property. What is it with me and these bad ass alpha bikers lol. What ever it is I loved reading about Horse (his nickname because he is……hung like one LOL) and Marie. I would add more to it but can’t at the moment.

I have a pork roast in the crockpot, I am making it cuban style and we will having black beans and rice with it.YUM!

I’m a pimp?

I have a friend that is in Alabama who has never read 50 Shades of Grey….crazy I know!  What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t endorse a good book or even recommend others? She told me she was going to go to the library to get the book Wednesday morning and then listed other things she was going to do. I stopped her and told her not to even go to the library until she had all her errands and housecleaning done, if she gets that book before she won’t get a thing done. LOL She called me 3ish yesterday and the first thing I hear is not hello….oh no it’s GIRL you did not tell me Christian is the way he is, he is messed up! I started to laugh, uh yea! I told her not to give up on lovely Christian. I reminded her she needs to discipline herself with taking regular mini breaks. Time flies when you have a good book and your head is in fantasyland. I get another call from T, giiiiiiirl (southern drawl) she is reading the contract now. Then she adds in, “if I had to guess Christian is falling for Anna”. I am trying really hard NOT to say much. I tell her she needs to get a damn kindle, I have a TON of books I can share with her and supply her with tons of Alpha male hotness. My hubby over hears me saying this and calls me a smut slut pimp…..LOL what? Yup he says because I’m recommending the smut books to my friends I’m a pimp.

And because I have read quite a few books since May I guess I’ve turned into a smut slut. Oh really? So I tell him maybe he should read some of these books because I tell you if he acted the way these men do, took better care of himself physically I would barely give him enough time to go to work (sorry too much info I’m sure).  I have been with this man over 14 years and I’m allowed to dish out the sassiness! I’m not a horrible person or wife and I’m not trying to change him….however isn’t life about learning and growing LOL :). Anyway….you know what he says to me? “You know how much I hate to read”….Seriously?!?!? You mean to tell me if a book didn’t give you some good ideas you wouldn’t read it…O’well his loss then LOL. I looked at him and said uh huh I bet if I went to Barnes and Nobles and picked up 50 Shades of Pleasure there would be no problems reading that book. Huge smile comes across his face. That’s what I thought. So I tell him about a review I read on Amazon about how this gentleman’s wife recommended to him, that he should read her books. He did! He said it was the best thing he ever did for their marriage. HA! Love it!!!

So here I am Sassypants the smut slut pimp at your service. I am thinking it is time to read another book. Be blessed my friends 🙂



Time flies….

I see I have been terrible with being on here. I have to say it’s all schools fault!! I have until January 7th till my new classes start. I am very excited with one of my classes because it’s the principle of health and wellness. Totally up my alley.

So I just finished Kristen Ashley’s Heaven and Hell, as usual I was able to connect very well with the characters. There was an absolute yummy alpha male and some good lessons in the story. There is a part where Kia is in Italy and a friend Celeste tells her “A man must prove he deserves the honor of you sharing those secrets, a woman should never make the mistake of sharing any of her secrets with a man who does not prove he deserves to have them.” Then through more conversation Celeste adds” Do not accept another man in your life who does not rise to that challenge and do it gallantly”.

I wish I had a Celeste in my life!

Then Kia finds out that Sam is paying for her to have protection, Kia of course wants to help out and offers to pay for it. Wrong thing to say to Sam though, being he is the macho alpha male :). Sam proceeds to tell her “Don’t cross this line. I protect myself. I protect my home. I protect my family. And I protect my woman. I do it how I need to do it. No discussion. Are you with me?” Sigh……is there such thing out there in the world?

In Kia thinking about Sam and him holding back his feelings and all that good stuff she was getting upset with Sam, she mentions this in her head. To start falling, you had to trust the person you were falling for to catch you. Another light bulb moment for me, so I highlight it in my kindle so I can write that down in my book of quotes and inspirations.

You got one life, never use it just to breathe

I had one life and I lived it for seven years doing nothing but focusing on each day, each breath, not living my dreams, not seeking excitement, not pursuing happiness, not searching for my slice of heaven.  When I read this I had to add it to the book too.

When you earn the secrets of someone worth knowing that deeply, you will feel rewarded when he eventually offers you these treasures. So my darling, patience. You will earn them, I have no fear. He will give them to you and when he does, they will feel like the gift they are. That is Celeste talking to Kia about Sam again. Love me some Celeste!

The last thing that I highlighted; Life’s too short to live with demons and life’s too short to miss one second bein’ with the ones you love.

Some of the books I have read and really liked over the last few months

Hopeless- Colleen Hoover                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rock Chick Regret-Kristen Ashley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unleashed, Leave Me Breathless, Rock Me- Cherrie Lynn                                                                                                                                                                                         The Ivy Lessons-J Lerman & S Quinn                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Edge of Never-J A Redmerski                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Undeniable-Madeline Sheehan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Might Storm- Samantha Towie

I went to Barnes and Nobles today and bought two cookbooks, both Italian one is by Lidia Bastianich and the other is by Teresa Giudice. I am trying to try new recipes and also add in as much veggies as I can.

OH and FINALLY after 2 years I have a Nutribullet, next on my list to get is a juicer. Can’t be too healthy :).

I’ll try really hard not to be so terrible coming on here. Maybe I’ll tell you all about my health and wellness class and teach you a lil something:).


uh huh sure

Ok I was doing really good with not reading….the last 2 days HA! I caved I’ve been reading the Rock Chick series. Let me tell you the first one was good, the second one Rock Chick Rescue was real good too but this one had me cracking up!! I’m now on to the third, Redemption and I can tell I’m going to be cracking up some more. I LOVE this series!!! I’ve mentioned before how Kristen Ashley makes it to where you really connect with the characters, I’m sure not disappointed at all. Again I LOVE this series and I have 4 more to go. I should be cooking but I’m not feeling so hot today, so curling up with a book feeling sorry for myself seems like the perfect thing to do. I’ll be back soon my friends 🙂

Step back from reading too much

I have to take a break from reading. I’m more interested in that than much of anything else and this time of year I can’t do that!!! I love Kristen Ashley! Her stories are about  alpha males and man she makes them HOT, like I said before I do not have one of those. In all honesty I should.  So after I finished reading Game of the Hearts (Another good one I might add). I got to thinking about Kristen and her books. I connect and get to know the characters so well I feel like I’m right in the middle of the story. I love that!!

Now with the teens in Game of the Heart I have to say if my nephew was cussing like Fin was while talking to me I might have to put him over my knee and remind him he better be a respectful mini alpha :). I connected with this story very well probably because I could relate to Dusty and Mike. They had known each other 25 years and Dusty fell for him instantly but she was 12 and Mike was 17 and dating her bitch sister. Oh let me tell you that bitch sister Debbie I wanted to kick her booty numerous times, stupid heifer!! Ok I’m calm again. Not that I fell for a guy my sister dated. No it was more like I walked into my cousin’s house and met the guy she babysat for. He was hot and I fell instantly , we dated for two years. There’s more to that but won’t go into it.

Mike has two children that Dusty bonds well with No (Jonas) and Reesee (Clarisse) Rees and Dusty are talking and Rees’s boyfriend, Dusty’s nephew Fin walked in and asks what’s going on, he looks to Rees then to Dusty and asks why are you guys crying? Here’s Dusty’s response:  We’re girls. Today was full of drama. After a day filled with drama we do three things. Eat until we feel sick.  Throw a tantrum. Or collapse into tears. Sometimes it’s a combo of two, bad times it’s all three. Trust me, honey, we picked the best one.

I had to highlight that because that is so very true of us girls :).

Well I have to finish getting ready for work, you all have a wonderful blessed day.

OH yea any of you have a gratitude journal? I do, today will for sure say I’m thankful for Advil sinus! I wonder if a storm in headed our way my head feels like it’s going to pop

Anyway be blessed

Weekends go by way too fast

I’ll admit I don’t work 40 hours a week, close but what I do work seems like it’s 40. I came home Friday to a spotless house!! My husband had the day off and had the kids help out. That was too awesome not to have to get the house cleaned up so we could enjoy going to the Fest.   Now it’s my kids turn to say it was a mistake to get me the kindle for Christmas. Is it such a big deal that I brought it to read on the way to German Fest and on the way back? 🙂 I needed to finish At Peace by Kristen Ashley. There was a part where it had me in tears. This is the second book to do that to me. I normally don’t tear up but this got me.


There’s a part in there where one of the neighbors Tina takes bleach and writes BITCH in Violet’s grass. Thank goodness Joe handled it before Vi ripped her head off. The stalker jerk had me quite irritated, the dude had to be off his rocker thinking Vi would actually want to be with him after her killed her husband, brother, and was trying to kill Joe. I LOVED how Vi’s daughters were able to also walk right into Joe’s heart. The youngest actually tried to get him to wear a pink shirt with flowers on it LOL. Not good for the bad boy image :). Then there’s the issue of who to choose, Joe or Mike? I’m screaming in my head JOE JOE JOE. Mike might be a great guy but he doesn’t light Vi’s soul up like Joe does, not to mention good looks, great body, protective, good lover, yea it’s a no brainer 🙂

Vi sees her parents pull up in her driveway and instantly starts throwing pictures and nic nacs around, she knows Sam is dead. Sam is her protective, awesome brother! Joe starts to go to her and she runs, cutting her foot, Joe grabs her and puts her down and has someone call the Doc. The daughters are wondering what’s going on and when they find out Uncle Sam is dead they go to pieces. Joe is there to hold them all. What a picture Joe, Vi, the girls all hugging on the bed. Yea that whole part grabbed my heart!

I have to say I need to back off reading so I can concentrate on lesson plans and putting my class back together. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a to read list :):):). I wish I had one more day to relax