Calm yourself girl!

Two weeks ago I was having major issues with my Internet because my provider decided to do an upgrade. It would have been nice to have a warning. I was not able to get online for three days and that was three days I was not able to go online to my class. I was ticked my instructor would do give me any forgiveness about the situation. We continued to have issues with the internet and the customer service rep said we should have been fine so he sent someone out here. When the tech came out he said everything was fine we just needed to do……..something….I forgot lol. So my husband continues to try things and made another phone call. We were able to get my computer connected to the modem and I wasn’t have the same issues any longer. I was so irritated and then I logged on to my class and the reply my instructor gave to a question I had was written in a way that made me fuming. I was about to throw the biggest temper tantrum ever!!! I stopped for a second and realized in my initial message I forgot to ask another question that would have made the reply different. So I took a deep breath and got out of my feelings. I explained to my instructor the other question I forgot and I was in such a rush to get the message sent off because of the way the internet kept erring out on me I did it too fast.

It was a good reminder to remain calm because my reaction can make or break a situation. On a better note I have two more assignments to do and I will be done with this class and then I start student teaching! I will be graduating in two months and I am so proud of myself!! I did it!! I have worked my ass off!

My sister L was diagnosed a month ago with lung cancer. At first the doctor sounded optimistic saying she was at stage one or two. When she had a PET scan done the doctors tone changed because the tumor is in a dangerous area between the right lung and the heart. They are going to do chemo for five days a week and then radiation for one day (I think that’s right). I wondered if the stage changed after the scan but I don’t want to ask, I want my sister to remain calm and as positive as possible. We have been talking about eating healthier, smoothies, and juicing. Today she tells me she is not sure she will be able to juice because it might interfere with her chemo. I have heard of so many people having positive results with taking supplements, juicing, and changing their diets. Is it true? I know a person has to be careful about supplements but I have doubts about doctors many times because many don’t know about alternative treatments that work and can work with modern medicine. I don’t know I just want my sister to be okay.




Health ramblings

I feel like someone zapped my energy today. I have so much to do, doesn’t my body know I don’t have time to be drained LOL. I am now into my 6th week of my health and wellness class. So much of what I am reading I already know so it really is a delightful class. Even though I am well aware of what this class is teaching I admit I am learning to go deeper in my understanding. When you really think about the food that the grocery stores are carrying, how much of it is really healthy for you? Dr. Oz has said when you shop you should do it in the outer parts like in a square because all the processed boxed and canned stuff is more in the center. Which is the case at the store I shop. I of course have to go in the middle of the store because I do have to get paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste. I can’t have myself and my family walking around stinky :). I try very hard to buy foods that are fresh as possible. I have to write an essay for a different class and I am doing it on the benefits of healthy eating and I have to do a presentation in my health and wellness class. I have gotten books from the library that I am taking notes on and I am able to use them for both classes. Yeay me! So I am doing my research and I come across this statement: Some people have the assumption that you have to spend the last years of life in such a state of ill health that you don’t want to be alive in the first place.

Well I don’t know about you but how sad does that sound? You spend your life working, having children, being with family, etc and as you age your body goes down hill. Aging is going to happen but what about doing it in the healthiest way possible? I would much rather spend my life doing what I can do make sure I am not only physically fit but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit. Really stop and think about the foods you eat. Yes you only live once but don’t you want it to be the best it can be? Why poison your body with foods that cause so many health problems? I want to feel good in the morning, have energy, and enjoy my elder years. So not only am I researching for my essay I am also researching so I can attain a vital life. Hippocrates did advise people to let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!!

Did you know infantile eczema is often a sign of dairy intolerance? I wish my mom knew this back when I was a baby, no wonder I have had the issues I do.

Well I have to get ready for a dr. appointment. Till next time, have a great and blessed day. TA TA 🙂