Moving sucks

So my mom and I both bought houses. We don’t close on our house for two more weeks, so that means we have to move twice in 2 weeks 😒. I am so excited to be in my own home again. I have been in a small room for a little over a year. It isn’t exactly easy to be a preschool teacher, go to school, and sleep all in the same room. I remember hearing teachers say how they need a lot of storage for their supplies; I totally get it now!! I really do need a room with a ton of shelves. 

Our new home has a lot of storage space and I can’t wait to get all my belongings back with me. Most of it had been in storage. As much as moving sucks I am looking forward to getting my life back on track and organized. 

M (#2 daughter that suffers from depression & BPD) has been doing really well. It seems te medication combination she is on is working. Now all she needs to do is get her ass in therapy!!! She seems to avoid that very important step. She wants to get off her medication but I don’t feel it is a good idea until she gets some therapy. She made a comment about wanting a friend to come live with her… my house. I told her no one is coming to my house and living with me and my family that I don’t know. Heck she doesn’t really know this person either. She just doesn’t get it and that is part of why therapy is so important; her perception of things is….well… Messed up! 

Ok I have to get back to laundry and cleaning. Ta ta for now! 



I have been watching quite a few documentaries lately. Today I watched Prison Kids: A Crime Against America’s Children.

They looked at children getting arrested in Ohio, Louisiana, and Florida. Children are getting arrested for things like skipping school, breaking curfew, and cussing in the school parking lot. My heart broke for these children and teens; especially the ones that were found to have some type of mental illness.  One thing is evident and our system needs to be reformed.  Some children in juvenile detention centers were given medications that were too high and one has to wonder what is the consequences of that?  As a punishment they are put into solitary confinement for like 23 hours a day. There has been a three decade study on solitary confinement making the person’s behavior worse. None of this is working!

When looking at the cost of arresting, court time, and jail time wouldn’t that money be better served in a more positive treatment plan instead? What about teaching these children how to get out of trouble and supporting them? Honestly I don’t know how to implement something like this but these children are our future.

One thing that seems to happen often is when a minority child gets into trouble they are labeled as bad and criminalized. It may take years before the bad behavior is actually found out to be some type of mental illness. How sad is that? How many years does a person have to go through being labeled wrong? White people aren’t the only ones to have mental illness or different types of disabilities. However, I have seen white children even being wrongly labeled and pushed aside.

There was a teacher that thought a student in my class should be kicked out of the school because of her bad behavior. The little girl’s brother was in the school the previous year and the boy has some form of autism. The mother is overwhelmed and has no clue how to handle both children and has created bad behaviors in her children. My boss called an agency that sends a worker to observe my classroom and the child (with parent’s consent) and help with ways to support the child and give mom the resources needed. My middle child taught me how to think outside the box when it came to parenting and dealing with children. My boss, the case worker, and I met bi-weekly to discuss the little girl’s progress and what things we could try in the classroom. We were not going to give up on this girl without doing everything we could first. I’m happy to say that there has been some very good improvements. If we had the same attitude as the now ex teacher that mother would have felt terrible having her daughter kicked out of preschool and who knows what would happen to the girl.

Just like a woman said in the documentary, help needs to happen as young as possible. Florida has a program called Promise that judge Elijah Williams helped create. He saw day in and day out children coming into his courtroom that needed help and resources to turn their lives around. There is a gentleman in New Orleans that helped make reforms in the juvenile detention centers.

I have to wonder about when a child or teen gets out of treatment center or detention center what support does he or she have? They are going back to the same neighborhood, family, and situation. There has to be something that can help support them when they get out and stay in a positive mindset to stay on a good path.

What also broke my heart is how many children and teens go to the detention centers with PTSD because of the violent homes and neighborhoods they live in. I know first hand how that much stress on a child changes them and causes mental issues. How do we make changes that show hope and a better path?

Just because someone doesn’t live in the bad part of town doesn’t mean it won’t affect everyone. It does, what happens to one person has a domino affect. In America we have some pretty big problems; gangs, drugs, human trafficking, child abuse, sexual abuse….the list goes on and on. We have to address them and do our best to help in some type of way. I have three children of my own and have raised them to be good people. I have nieces and nephews that I have also been there to help love, guide, and teach. My children’s friends have adopted me because I respected and loved them. I remember telling one girl (who was having a sexual relationship with someone who was pretty much using her) how beautiful she is and deserved to be treated better by that boy and from herself. I explained how ugly low self esteem is but she didn’t have to stay that way. We had quite a few discussions about her character, dreams, goals in life, and ways she could better herself. It took her a few years but she finally got into counseling and is on a positive path.

I can only hope I am able to continue helping other people. Maybe when my life calms down a bit I can volunteer with the big brothers/big sister program. If we want our world to be better, we have to do something about it.






way too long

Holy moly has it really been since March since I have been on here? Tsk tsk tsk. I actually think about jumping on here everyday and then something comes up and I forget. There has been so many awesome things happening around my household. My energy is doing so much better! That right there is such a blessing and something I wake up every morning saying thank you to God for!!! I also tell my body how sorry I am for the mistreatment it had to endure for way too many years. However, I have learned a ton of information about food, nutrition, and health. My dr told me a year in a half ago to start taking an iodine supplement. I kid you not, the results were immediate for me. Now I still have days where I over did it so I am drained the next day but my energy  level is so much better. If you see the supplements I take its around like 10 of them. The last dr visit showed for the first time ever my meds need to be lowered. That has never happened before!!! I also started taken L-Tyrosine like 8 months ago and I found out, if you are taking thyroid meds to consult your dr because the tyrosine can help your thyroid produce more t4 therefore possibly causing one to go hyperthyroid. AHA! I bet that is why. So I have cut back to taking it two times a day instead of three.

There is a Facebook page called “Thyroid Sexy” check it out I love it!. OMG, guess what? I have been Pepsi free for 2 weeks now!!! That my friends is a miracle. My mom drank Pepsi while she was pregnant with me and I have been drinking it pretty much since I was in third grade. Now when I was young I was only allowed to have one once in awhile but as I reached teen years it was an everyday thing. I cannot say it has given me more energy or I feel like a million dollars without it, I don’t really notice a difference. I bet my organs and insides are thanking me. I have been wanting to quit drinking sodas for a long time and finally I have done it. I drink a lot of water or I will reach for Lipton Natural Green tea, the Passion Fruit Mango is my FAVORITE. Yum! I don’t have it that often.

I’m still in school and got the shock of my life. My academic advisor called me a few days ago to talk about my next block of classes. I will be finished with these classes in a week in a half I believe. We were talking about when I will graduate and he told me June 8, 14. HUH say what? I thought I was going to be in school 2 1/2 years, not a year in a half? I transferred over two classes so that freed up 9 weeks for me. So next year is a huge graduation time for my family. Listen to this: My daughter graduates high school June 1, I have to fly out to AZ to graduate June 8, get home and then my son graduates from 8th grade I hope June 10. OMG that is a lot of graduations. My poor mom has to fly here, fly back home (AZ), then fly back here and then back to AZ. She thinks she should own a private jet. I totally agree lol. I am trying to have a combined party but my daughter is not even hearing it. She might have to cave because my mom needs to be here so she can party with us.

I don’t think I shared we put our son in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu back in January. He has a girlfriend (just friends)that he goes to school with that is also in it. Let me tell you if anyone has a son out there that needs to get their energy out, that is a fantastic thing to get into. Ben and Thiago are fabulous! Thiago teaches the BJJ Gi and no Gi classes. This young man has trained under Rickson Gracie I believe. In fact Rickson was just in Schaumburg a month ago for a seminar. I know Thaigo and his brother Luis love Rickson and his teachings so much. Anyway….Thiago is great with my son. My son has dyslexia and had terrible coordination. When he first started BJJ it was apparent. Thiago helped me to slow down so he could get the technique and then he could go faster. There is a huge difference in my son’s coordination. My son has always been in great physical shape because of being gluten free and I limit how much he gets. He wants a snack, he has fresh fruits and veggies, he doesn’t have to grab the cookies and chips. He does eat them but in small quantities. He had a defined body but now that he has been doing BJJ, let’s just say Thiago is jealous lol. He was telling my husband and I how shocked he was to see our son when he was in a tank top under shirt, he could see how much larger our son has gotten and more defined. He feels our son is going to be a big boy.

I see how girls look at him so I know exactly what Thiago is saying…….and I thought I had to worry about my daughters.  My son was doing only the no Gi BJJ but is now doing the Gi classes. He goes 5 days a week unless he feels his body needs a break. I also had a meeting with his teachers because of his IEP and they were just raving about my baby. One thing I do have to try to work with him is slowing down. He wants to do everything so fast that he doesn’t pay attention to the small details and then he ends up having to redo his work. That can be with school or at home. He fights me tooth and nail when I try to help him be more organized. UGH

There really is a ton more going on but I have to go grocery shopping. I am going to really try to do better with posting more. I have tried new makeup, new recipes, and other products I would love to share with you about. So till next time. Be Blessed!

Kids and stress

I was taking a course called chaotic to calm, managing stress in the classroom. As I was reading it I could see how more and more being a preschool teacher I REALLY do make a huge difference in their lives. Sometimes coming to my room is the routine and organization they need so badly to help them feel not so stress out.  I absolutely love the fact that I can help them and have a lot of fun at the same time. Here are some great ideas to help children let out their stress, also great for too much energy 🙂

Have an area where the child can get away from a group at times. Make a cozy area where a child can go calm down, regroup, or reflect. I have the chair cushions in the reading area and a few large floor pillows.  Provide soft music at intervals during the day.  Have the children play outside ideally twice a day, give simple variety of choices of activities however, the stress child may need a little help deciding. Sand and water is a good calming play as well as a creative way to express themselves along with painting, coloring, making collages, play dough, cutting, gluing

Routine, rest, and nutrition will also help a child through a stressful time. I noticed they need some extra hugs and reassurance through out the day. Who doesn’t want to see the smile on a child’s face after you’ve given them a big hug? 🙂  Read books to children like: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, Tear Soup by Pat Schweibert, Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown

Let’s not forget the whole class can do meditation and yoga to help calm themselves down