Craziness of what is my life

I am officially fried! In the last two months I have packed my house up, loaded up a truck, drove 1900 miles, unloaded truck, unpacked, started a new job, etc etc etc. It feels so good to be in warm weather. My bones are loving it, I literally feel them saying ahhhhhhh every time I go outside. Don’t get me wrong I hate being sweaty so I feel like I have to take four showers a day but I refuse to complain! I am surrounded by mountains, especially my favorite one (Red Mountain). My son is adapting well to his new school, my job kicks ass, my husband is happy with his new job. My daughter decided to pull a fast one and move back to where we just moved from. She likes to say often that she is an adult then it is high time she behave like one! My baby in all honesty needs to still have the support of her family, she needs counseling especially to deal with the depression. What if she gets suicidal again? I’m not there to help her so I worry. I can’t spend my time worrying so I pray and keep my thoughts positive about her. Having children that deal with depression is so hard. I do my best to encourage them and educate them on ways they can help themselves, do they listen? NOOOOOOOOO they always seem to have to do things the hard way. So I let them and just wait until I get the phone call with them crying and do what I do best; listen.

Full moons and children do not mix!! It makes the little darlings crazy and non listening!! Today was rough at work so my brain is fried, yet I still had to do my school work. Oh speaking of school I officially have 10 classes left. I can’t wait to be done with it and begin my career…..hahaha I don’t even know exactly what I want to do. Do I want to teach? Do I want to own my own preschool? Do I want to train/mentor teachers? Until I get clarity I will continue to be open to whatever I am meant to do. I will figure it out I always do. Back to work. I am having a classroom that is more challenging that I have ever had in my 12 years of doing this. So I sit back and wonder what can I change to make it better. One of my students was observed today and I asked the observer if she would be able to meet with me next week and discuss some changes I could do. I am not too proud to ask for help after all I want to meet the needs of my students to the best of my ability and that means me changing what is not working. I like to think I have a creative mind that usually can whip a classroom into shape (I do, have done it, and will do it again). They say challenges come to make you stronger… I am waiting to gain that strength 🙂

I could go on and on but honestly I am so tired I need to lay down and watch some mindless tv. ta ta for now.


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