Oh how I love music

I woke up this morning with a lovely headache but still attempted to get my homework finished. I have no choice since it is due tonight. The assignment is pretty fun to do. Each of us students had to make a blog, pick four teacher’s blogs that we really liked, and then we had to explain why we like the site. Then the next part of this assignment was to go to two different classmate’s blog, check out the blogs they chose, and comment about it. What a great learning experience! I have added in four more blogs to my teacher folder. I had to take a bit of a break because my headache was just getting worse. My husband turned the tv on and was watching The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As I watched the show they inducted Bill Withers, The 5 Royales, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, Lou Reed, and Green Day I couldn’t help but think of when my oldest daughter was in band. She started playing in band when she was in fifth grade and played all the different saxophones. When she was a sophomore her teacher was a marine and a music teacher. BEST teacher ever! He exposed the students to all kinds of different genres of music. She would come home and share with me the songs and bands they were learning about that week.   When I would go to her band concerts I watched and listened awestruck at the talent these students showed. The drummer, guitarists, and the others sounded amazing! I would have thought they were professional artist!! Then I think of the importance of exposing children to the different genres of music and other things like painting, creative writing, wood shop. Schools need to have music, art, and other elective classes available to all children no matter what school it is. Look at the talent humans have inside them, we have some great musicians, poets, authors, painters, builders, we just need to give children the opportunities to be exposed to whatever their gifts and talents are.

As I am on this journey to getting my degree I am finding so much wonderful information I want to always remember so I can grow my talent. My talent is to work with children. It is my hope and prayer that I am able to touch each and everyone of them to grow into amazing grown ups. I hope that anytime I get together with another teacher or parent we can inspire each other to be better for these children. I will also have to remember the next time I have different instruments for the children to play to wear ear plugs so I can keep encouraging them to play with them. 🙂

Back to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I asked my son to come sit with his dad while we watched the show. He asked me how many of the people in the crowd do I know, of course there is a lot! I explained to him I have been exposed to music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. and now everything from Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Motown, Heavy Metal, Pop, Punk Rock, etc I do the same for  my children. Of course there are other experiences I expose them to because I want enrich their lives.

Think about it, humans are amazing people and we have to somehow get away from the negative that can come out of us.


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