Michael Todd Organics

Over the past six months I have been trying out Michael Todd’s facial cleansers and other products. I have to say I love it! I have tried the set for mature skin and the one for dry skin. The avocado and mango facial mask is awesome; it smells great and the way it brightened and moisturized my face was beautiful. Then when I applied the citrus cream moisturizer it has a lemon smell and is very hydrating as well. Michael Todd came out with a Knu anti aging face lift cream, I have to say I really like that too. Overall I am very impressed with the way my skin is looking these days.

It seems like after awhile my skin does have the vibrant glow so I change up products and it seems to kick it back in gear. The price for the set is $85 which is not bad with all the product you get with it. check it out for yourselves!!!

I also bought Extra Virgin cookbook. I love watching the cooking show and have tried some of the recipes available on the cooking channel website but this cookbook is beautiful and has some delicious recipes. I love how simple some of them are and gets me back to my Italian roots. It brings back many wonderful memories I have of my nana’s cooking.


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