I have to say I love, love, love my new class. It is on the foundation of early childhood education. I took four psychology classes and it is awesome to see the people like Skinner, Piaget, Manslow, etc in my new class. I am able to connect their theories to making education better. At the same time taking these classes makes me wish I did more for my children when they were younger. I knew play was important for children but I know why and how great it is for their development. Maybe if more parents knew just how a child’s environment shapes them, they would make sure things were better?

OMG! I am trying to type this and I have a very stubborn cat who wants on my lap. I wish I could take a picture and show you this crazy cat. He is laying on my arms so typing is a bit challenging. Move him you say….I have three times! He thinks he owns me and will continue to come back… Next he’ll try to lay on the laptop. Gotta love him

Ok back to my excitement. I am also learning that having a student driven classroom is very beneficial. Honestly in a preschool setting of course that is a better option because the child that is playing is developing more than we realize. However, they are finding student driven classrooms are better in elementary, jr high, and high school.

I was thinking back to when I was in elementary and yes I can remember! Kindergarten was way different than it is now. Are we trying to have our children read, write, and doing math before they are developmentally ready? I feel like when I was in elementary we had a stronger foundation in reading, writing, and math before moving on. Have the teachers changed? Are they not as knowledgeable? Are the kids brattier? I do not think it is any one issue but a variety of them. Our school systems spend more money but it doesn’t mean better education. Although with technology money is needed.

Being in college has helped me be a better person, teacher, and parent. Maybe it’s better I say I have become a higher quality person lol :). When a child is in my class/care I want the parent to know they are left in good hands because I care about every aspect of that child. I teach and guide but I also give hugs and wipe tears.

I have found from my three children that connecting with the teacher is very important. Take for instance my son. He has connected very well with four of his teachers. If the class isn’t understanding a lesson the teacher will try different techniques, they tell stories about their experiences and ask students about theirs, they work as a team, and the teachers respect the students. I could see exactly what my son was saying when I went to the parent teacher conferences back in November. The other two teachers he barely connects with. They just talk, it’s boring, and if most of the class isn’t understanding the lesson they don’t seem to care to find other ways of teaching. The other four teachers were very observant of my son’s strengths, what needed improvement, but most of all they got him. That was not the case with the other two, it was like they didn’t have any passion for teaching. My son’s grades reflect this. Is he not trying? Is he not engaged? Last year when he took algebra he was getting Bs now he’s failing, he keeps telling me she confused him more than anything and when he tries to tell her that she doesn’t do anything any different. Teaching styles clashing? Could be, but isn’t it the teachers job to find a way to help him get it?

All that to say I want to be the good teacher, the one that connects with the students, and one that makes a difference.

My youngest daughter started college this week. Talk about proud mama!!! I can tell she is nervous. She mentioned she isn’t good with words like some of the other students. I sat her down yesterday and told her she did not have a positive learning experience with much of her school life but it will be different this time. Being I am in the same school I know the class she is taking so we went through how to manage her time, what the instructor is looking for, and that she’s not alone in this at all. I explained to her how each class is going to teach her things and she will become a better person for it. There will be many “aha” moments and those are so fun. This time around school will be so much better for her.

I had to joke with my mom and tell her how she should not hate playdough but rather love it. She has never liked it because of the mess. I told her the benefits out weigh the mess so get over it and allow the children she watches to play with it. I had the children painting on the windows and had to make sure they understood when they are home they are not allowed to do this unless mom or dad are there and say they can do it. I come up with some great activities but always make sure to add in they have to ask their parent’s permission at home. When I let the parents know what we did for the day (even though it’s on the calendar) on more than one occasion they have told me my creativity has helped them have fun at home. Awwww that is always the best. Even better is when I am told my sassiness has rubbed off on the kids lol.

On a different note. I am done with January’s gray days!!! We have a few sunny days or sunny hours but not enough. It is really effecting my thyroid and draining me. Doesn’t mother nature know I don’t have time for this, I am a busy woman and need my energy lol. We are singing Mr. Sun quite a bit this month!!

Duty is calling me. tata for now. Be blessed!!


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