New Year

I think I might be having a midlife crisis or a big pity party! The last two years I have been focusing on school and my immediate family, yet I am feeling lost. I don’t want the second part of my life existing, I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to look back on my years and see what things I accomplished and did, not what I didn’t do. I am not as close with my sisters as I used to be, which for my second oldest sister is understandable. I’m bored bored bored!!!! I have two more years in school and I really wanted to be able to double up on my classes and cut it in half. If my hubby gets a higher position in work I wouldn’t have to work and I could concentrate on school and not worry about work. Ugh I sound like a freakin loser!! I look in the mirror and don’t know if I recognize who is looking back at me. Not acceptable! I need a makeover serious life makeover! Then of course my stomach has been giving me problems the past two months. It would be nice not to feel overly bloated, crampy, or getting sick.

I need more balance in my life so I’m not bored or feeling lost. I need to find an exercise buddy and friends that are in my state. My best friends live in other states and it’s not like I can call them up for a coffee date. Although my oldest sister and I are planning on going wine tasting very soon! Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way?

As much as I have loved this relaxing 2 weeks I am looking forward to getting back to my preschool kids! I miss them!!! That also means school will be back in session ahhhhhh. I don’t know what I am complaining about because I only have one more week in class and then I will start a new class. I have to call my academic adviser because I switched majors and the next three classes I’m enrolled in aren’t in the new majors classes.

My son wants to get his drivers permit and I have I am not sure I want him to get it yet. I know I won’t allow him to get his license until he is 18 or unless he shows great responsibility. Over protective, yup!! That’s my baby, heck my youngest girl just started driving so give a mom a chance to get used to that :).

I promise I will get my tush out of this funk. I do not like feeling this way and I do not have time for it lol. I need to look at the good and blessings in my life so I can move on and change what needs to be. I hope everyone had a great New Years Day. What are some things you want to change?

Ta ta my loves!


2 thoughts on “New Year

  1. There are times in life when things seem to be going the opposite way; we seem confused and lost. Yet, we must stay positive and try to the best of our ability to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Sometimes the things that appear to be going wrong surprise everybody by ending well. Keep hope alive. Courage!

  2. I think that’s a totally normal feeling. I have definitely had a similar outlook as of late, and it’s just overwhelming. Winter doesn’t help. Neither does the poor attitude of the Midwest. We can get through this together. Just have to push ourselves and not focus on the bad. More on the positive. More on the moving forward. ❤

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