My crazy weekend

We bought a new Christmas tree this year. I have to say it is the biggest, fullest tree I have ever had! I love it. It has the regular white lights but also bigger bulbed multi color lights that you can switch patterns on how the colored lights will blink. I believe it’s an iTwinkle tree, where I synch it up to my iPhone and then I can choose the song to be played and the light patterns, too fun! Let me tell you, having a taller and fuller tree is more work! I spent a good hour fluffing the tree up getting my arms scratched up. I had one of my little buddies help me decorate it Friday and noticed the tree was not full of ornaments. I texted the hubby and told him we need to go shopping to get more. I need to get a chair so I can reach the top parts of the tree lol.

The family had a Christmas party to go to at my in laws house Saturday. It was a blast as usual, lots of laughs. We also got our gifts because we live an hour away. Since the girls are older and one is out of the house; by the time everyone is up, the oldest gets to the house, we all open gifts, and have breakfast or brunch it plus get ready it is late afternoon. Let’s just say it is easier to do Christmas with them on their party. So the hubby got a smoker and money and I got money. On the way home I asked him how did he manage to get a smoker and money? He just smiles at me. When we get home we put everything away and I noticed the cute bag his mom put a picture of the smoker in to give to him (smoker was in their garage). I notice a tag that said to both of us!!! I looked up and he’s laughing at me!! Uh huh what a brat he was going to act like that smoker was just his. That’s ok, he can claim it’s all his and I’ll just make sure he does all the cooking then (yea right).

I spent six hours at my desk finish my paper, taking a quiz, and finishing up posting for school. I haven’t gotten a comfy chair yet. In fact, I am using one of those large file cabinets as a desk so in order to sit at it I have to spread my legs or cross them. No wonder my whole body ached last night. Didn’t help there has been a dampness in the air. I can sure handle the 40 degrees woo hoo. Technically I need to get a desk and a comfy chair!! I still have a year in a half of classes to go so I might as well do it in comfort.

So I have had to be seen by the doctor or hospital staff 4 times over the month and they take my temperature each time. This last time I asked what it was and the nurse tells me 98.4 and realize it has been the same the past three times it’s been taken. Hubby looks at me confused wondering why that makes me happy. So I explain to him the lower the body temp the more my thyroid isn’t working as well, oh and the adrenals too. So my body temp is raising, I am having more “good days” and less drained, fatigue days….can I get a hell yea? Hell yea!!! However, the weight isn’t cooperating with me at all so I think we might have to do some adjusting to my meds. The doctor who I have loved to go to for the past three years doesn’t seem to be in our insurance network anymore :(. I don’t want to go to someone new. O’well I’ll have to call her and find out what is going on.

I need to find a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes. I have tried Tarte, Mally, Covergirl, and Maybeline. The Mally was $20 and I was not impressed but the way the mascara was blobbed on the wand. I noticed after an hour it would get flaky and I’m sorry $20 flakes is not what I want. Tarte flakes when it is time to get a new tube. I have tried two different type of Tarte mascara and they both irritate my eyes. I find it I only have the mascara on for the day and take it off by 6 then I’m ok. Looks like I get to experiment more. It’s not too terrible being makeup shopping is so fun.

Gotta get off of here. Have a wonderful day my friends!! 🙂


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