Rockin mom

I had some left over gluten free baguette from dinner last night so I made my son a pancetta, egg, and cheese sandwich with it. I cut the baguette in half, buttered it, and then toasted it. I also made him peppermint mocha coffee to go with his breakfast. Trust me he usually only is allowed coffee on the weekends, he’s going to be 15 in a couple weeks so he’s allowed to be spoiled once in a while. It was nice to see his face when he was eating and drinking. I could tell I did good :).  We got on the subject of what he was going to cook in Foods today and darn for the life of me I forgot. Anyway, I mentioned I watched the movie The Hundred Foot Journey while he and dad was at the Newsboys concert and how the movie was a great reminder to slow down  savor the tastes and life of food. He then tells me that he might want to get into the culinary arts after high school….hmmmm ok! My youngest daughter used to have the desire to bake and make sweets. That would be awesome if they teamed up to have some sort of bakery/restaurant. I have noticed around where I live there isn’t as many family owned restaurants they are more the franchises. This is the time in his life where I am sure my son will try a lot of new things in life and possibly make it a career.

For over a year and a half my son has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and loves it. Back in February his instructor moved to California and opened a gym out there. I could see he still had love for BJJ but something was changing and when I questioned him he said that the gym has a different vibe. I explained to him there are times people are going to move on in life and if he loves BJJ he needs to focus on that. There are some parents that think it is important to finish out something a child has started to teach them but in this there is no 8 week course it continues, so do I push him or let him stop? When he goes to the gym of his old instructor’s brother I see the fire come back. The hubby mentioned maybe we should move to that area so he can go to that gym. I do not want to live in that area!!! My son has been in soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. He finished out all of those no problem and figured out he really likes football and basketball. When he played saxophone he struggled with reading the music because of his dyslexia and the teacher was not helpful at all so I allowed him to stop. Looks like I will talk to the instructor at this other gym and see what he says.

Who’s all ready for Christmas? Not this gal!! I have my undecorated tree up and a few decorations around the house lol. I guess I have been preoccupied with health issues I have been going through the past month. Let me just say I USED to love our health insurance but over the past 3 years they have started to suck. We now have a high deductible, higher rates, and they don’t cover as much. I am really tired of always having medical bills be the reason we struggle!!! I am thankful we do not have to pay full price for everything but it is still ridiculous. Our portion of one bill we received yesterday is $1100.00, Merry Christmas…NOT.

Oh boy my preschool kids will be here shortly I better get off of here. Be blessed!


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