Thoughts running through my head

I recently had someone call me a racist because I did not agree with the looting in Ferguson. I laugh because it is easy to sit behind a computer screen and call names just because our opinions differ. I don’t see skin color; I see humanity. I look at the behavior and character of any person. I have been blessed by people’s kind words or stories whether they were Black, White, Asian, or Indian.  I have heard my Black English teacher tell stories of how it America was when he was younger. My heart broke for him, I could not wrap my mind around how another person can treat another person so badly. I am trying to do the best with my life. I am not a perfect person but one thing I can say is I AM NOT a racist. I pray each and everyday giving thanks for being alive another day. I thank God that I can see, hear, touch, and speak. I might not like the way my body looks right now but I give thanks for it; each organ, cell, and hormone. I pray for love and peace to dwell in each and every person in the world. There is power in prayer and I believe the more we pray for love and peace for ALL we can make changes. I don’t want to concentrate on negative things. The only good thing about something negative is to learn not to do it. I’m not going to debate history but I will learn from it and how to be better. Not one of us is without fault, I am no better than anyone else. Each and every one of us matters and makes a difference. We just need to choose are we going to make a positive difference or a negative difference. Will those choices honor who I am or hurt my character? To me looting private businesses that help the community is not a good thing. In the long run it hurts everyone. On to a different subject

My oldest daughter is learning some tough life lessons. Her and her boyfriend broke up and it kinda went ugly. I know my daughter and will not sit here and put her ex down. I know she had a hand in the demise of their relationship. However, when he was being very wrong I told her to stop all communication don’t engage with that mess. Her ex is a young man who doesn’t have his life in order and trying to figure out who he is, my daughter is doing the same. So I tell her to let it go for now, maybe once they both have their lives in a better place they can try again or maybe there is someone better for her out there. When my daughter was in a fit of rage because she didn’t realize love could hurt so much, she wanted revenge. I let her vent, rant, and rave and when she was finished I told her it’s time to work on herself. Let go of the anger and hurt, instead learn from it. She just text me saying she realized what I told her was true and she had some apologizing to do. She allowed a friend’s words influence her in a negative way and because of that she was verbally attacking her ex. She didn’t care if her ex’s actions were wrong, she wanted to own her mistakes and apologize. YES!!! She realized she needed to let love take over and guide her words and actions. I love when the way I raised her starts to shine through.

On a totally different note: I have been getting back to my roots; Italian food!

I watch Extra Virgin on the cooking channel and see how Gabriele has such passion with the food he makes for his family and friends. We all know that food is life so it is important to find life and passion in the food we make. I also just watched the movie The Hundred Foot Journey, it made me remember to be mindful of the gifts of food and spices we have available to us. So as I made the menu for the week I wanted it to be something that was filled with healthy foods filled with flavor and love. My son is in Foods and Nutrition class so I have him helping me and it is such a special time to be able to teach him about food, how to prepare it, and why we need to bless it. Now I can see why food has been a way to bring people together.

I think I have rambled enough. I wish you nothing but peace and love. Have a blessed day!!


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