I watched Oprah’s Lifeclass on colorism. What a powerful, emotional show. Iyanla said it started in slavery but did it? What about Asian women? Latino women? Indian women? It broke my heart to see a female feel she wasn’t worthy, loveable, or beautiful. I have known many dark skinned beautiful women over my 30+ years. Yet I can understand why they feel the way they do. At one point in my life I felt I wasn’t Italian enough because I am lighter than my siblings. I wanted to have a darker complexion because I feel it is sexier than to have too white of skin. I had to stop that type of thinking and just be thankful for who I am. I had to love myself and be confident in my own skin because if I don’t feel worthy, how are other people going to treat me right? Females have been treated as second class citizens all over the world for how many centuries? If someone has told us we are ugly, fat, or stupid, it is something that can kill our spirits. We have to overcome all these labels and stereotypes. We are all beautiful no matter what our skin tone is, how much we weigh, our hair color, or eye color….no matter what. We have to believe in who we are and stop this craziness. We need to stop hating others who are different, we need to be aware of our own thoughts and deeds and make sure we treat everyone with love. If we all start loving ourselves and loving others we can get over such hurt colorism causes. Oprah and Iyanla says it starts at home to help overcome this terrible crisis.

I make sure I always tell my children how beautiful they are, how smart they are, what wonderful personalities they have. I teach them not to have hate in their hearts and to treat people with love and kindness. When someone is being mean to them I ask them to tell me the situation. I will then tell them how sad it is that someone has to pick on another person to feel better about themselves. I will lift them up, help them learn, and understand what that person said is not true. They have gone to church for years but I continue to teach love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, honor, peace, trust, and honesty to them. I can only hope and pray if another person is cruel to one of my children, they will be able to let it roll off and not take it personally.

I remember growing up with low self esteem, low self worth, low worthiness. We all are recovering from something.  It has been a very important journey in my life to overcome the lows.

I hope there is a time where we refuse to cause another person pain with hurtful words and instead affirm we all want to be loved and wanted. Man or woman we all are beautiful


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