Freezing in the Midwest

It has been freakin freezing around here!!! Saturday was 45 degrees and then Tuesday it was -6….the great Midwest. Why am I not in Arizona?!?!?! Because I want my kids to be around their family….I gotta keep saying family is important, family is important. Not like I need a reminder but when I am freezin my tush off being in Arizona sounds and feels so much better. Plus that is where my mama is.  I have been juggling school, family, household crap, and life. At first I did not really get my Communications class but now I get it. This class is all about teaching us the writing style guide so we can write successful papers. Health and Wellness rocks!! LOVE IT. I had to lay the smack down on the kids over the weekend. It seemed as though I was the one cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with school. A 23 year, 16 year old, and a 13 year old not to mention the hubby and I am the only one doing things. Not working for me! So I gathered the lil chicks and had some words. Being a family we should all be pulling together and having each other’s back. Not being lazy and thinking I am going to be picking up after everyone. I get overwhelmed with making sure my school work is done. Now I have to say my 13 year old is a HUGE help around here, I cannot complain bit about him. He has that mentality that family helps each other out and does their share. Too bad his sisters don’t think that way.

So I just finished reading Reaper’s Property. What is it with me and these bad ass alpha bikers lol. What ever it is I loved reading about Horse (his nickname because he is……hung like one LOL) and Marie. I would add more to it but can’t at the moment.

I have a pork roast in the crockpot, I am making it cuban style and we will having black beans and rice with it.YUM!


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