Classes have started and I am getting myself organized to balance school, home, and life. So far so good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my health and wellness class! So far twice this week I have woke up with a sinus headache, though today it’s turning into a migraine :(:(:(. Not sure if I mentioned I got the NutriBullet for Christmas? Well I did and I am in love with it! Every morning I make the hubby, kids, and I a smoothy. I have veggies, fruits, vitmains, EFA oil, and chia seeds. I have come up with some very yummy concoctions


1c mango

1c pineapple

1 ½ coconut water

1c spinach

¼ c fresh lime juice

tbsp. ground chia seeds


blend till smooth. I use fresh and frozen fruits so that way the frozen will help thicken it up. To me this one is very refreshing . Sometimes I will add some peaches and peeled cucumber to this also

Very Berry

½ c strawberries

½ c blueberries

½ c raspberries

½ c blackberries

½ of a mango

½ of a avocado

4 oz coconut water


blend till smooth. Watch out for the seeds


I tend to add in cucumber, carrot juice, cooked beets, kale, cashews, etc to my smoothies. Play around with the different fruits and veggies it’s really fun. Oh yea I also add in a tbsp fresh parsley too. My next herb to try is cilantro


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