I’m a pimp?

I have a friend that is in Alabama who has never read 50 Shades of Grey….crazy I know!  What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t endorse a good book or even recommend others? She told me she was going to go to the library to get the book Wednesday morning and then listed other things she was going to do. I stopped her and told her not to even go to the library until she had all her errands and housecleaning done, if she gets that book before she won’t get a thing done. LOL She called me 3ish yesterday and the first thing I hear is not hello….oh no it’s GIRL you did not tell me Christian is the way he is, he is messed up! I started to laugh, uh yea! I told her not to give up on lovely Christian. I reminded her she needs to discipline herself with taking regular mini breaks. Time flies when you have a good book and your head is in fantasyland. I get another call from T, giiiiiiirl (southern drawl) she is reading the contract now. Then she adds in, “if I had to guess Christian is falling for Anna”. I am trying really hard NOT to say much. I tell her she needs to get a damn kindle, I have a TON of books I can share with her and supply her with tons of Alpha male hotness. My hubby over hears me saying this and calls me a smut slut pimp…..LOL what? Yup he says because I’m recommending the smut books to my friends I’m a pimp.

And because I have read quite a few books since May I guess I’ve turned into a smut slut. Oh really? So I tell him maybe he should read some of these books because I tell you if he acted the way these men do, took better care of himself physically I would barely give him enough time to go to work (sorry too much info I’m sure).  I have been with this man over 14 years and I’m allowed to dish out the sassiness! I’m not a horrible person or wife and I’m not trying to change him….however isn’t life about learning and growing LOL :). Anyway….you know what he says to me? “You know how much I hate to read”….Seriously?!?!? You mean to tell me if a book didn’t give you some good ideas you wouldn’t read it…O’well his loss then LOL. I looked at him and said uh huh I bet if I went to Barnes and Nobles and picked up 50 Shades of Pleasure there would be no problems reading that book. Huge smile comes across his face. That’s what I thought. So I tell him about a review I read on Amazon about how this gentleman’s wife recommended to him, that he should read her books. He did! He said it was the best thing he ever did for their marriage. HA! Love it!!!

So here I am Sassypants the smut slut pimp at your service. I am thinking it is time to read another book. Be blessed my friends 🙂




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