Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert

I got my hubby concert tickets for Christmas, he’s always wanted to see TSO. We get comfy in our seats and then the show begins. OMG!!! Can I just say I LOVED every minute of it!!! The light show was excellent. The music was beyond fantastic, guitars being played by long haired gentlemen that made my insides dance, the drums thundered through the stadium.  The beautiful lady Asha that played the fiddle freakin rocked it!! She handbanged and had her hair flying threw the air just like the guys. The other ladies that were back up singers/dancers, yea gorgeous bodies and voices that were angelic yet totally rocker! There was a point that cracked me up, there was a “piano face off” they have 2 people that play piano and they put on a great show. I wish I would have recorded it. Chloe Lawery sang so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes, I felt it threw out my whole body. She got many hoots, hollers, and whistles. The other rocker chick I forgot her name and what a shame because her voice was awesome! She also was head bangin with her blonde hair swayin in the wind. Oh man I am going to go next year and this time I will take my son. If you haven’t seen them in concert GO! Put it on your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed I promise!!!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra





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