Step back from reading too much

I have to take a break from reading. I’m more interested in that than much of anything else and this time of year I can’t do that!!! I love Kristen Ashley! Her stories are about  alpha males and man she makes them HOT, like I said before I do not have one of those. In all honesty I should.  So after I finished reading Game of the Hearts (Another good one I might add). I got to thinking about Kristen and her books. I connect and get to know the characters so well I feel like I’m right in the middle of the story. I love that!!

Now with the teens in Game of the Heart I have to say if my nephew was cussing like Fin was while talking to me I might have to put him over my knee and remind him he better be a respectful mini alpha :). I connected with this story very well probably because I could relate to Dusty and Mike. They had known each other 25 years and Dusty fell for him instantly but she was 12 and Mike was 17 and dating her bitch sister. Oh let me tell you that bitch sister Debbie I wanted to kick her booty numerous times, stupid heifer!! Ok I’m calm again. Not that I fell for a guy my sister dated. No it was more like I walked into my cousin’s house and met the guy she babysat for. He was hot and I fell instantly , we dated for two years. There’s more to that but won’t go into it.

Mike has two children that Dusty bonds well with No (Jonas) and Reesee (Clarisse) Rees and Dusty are talking and Rees’s boyfriend, Dusty’s nephew Fin walked in and asks what’s going on, he looks to Rees then to Dusty and asks why are you guys crying? Here’s Dusty’s response:  We’re girls. Today was full of drama. After a day filled with drama we do three things. Eat until we feel sick.  Throw a tantrum. Or collapse into tears. Sometimes it’s a combo of two, bad times it’s all three. Trust me, honey, we picked the best one.

I had to highlight that because that is so very true of us girls :).

Well I have to finish getting ready for work, you all have a wonderful blessed day.

OH yea any of you have a gratitude journal? I do, today will for sure say I’m thankful for Advil sinus! I wonder if a storm in headed our way my head feels like it’s going to pop

Anyway be blessed


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