Weekends go by way too fast

I’ll admit I don’t work 40 hours a week, close but what I do work seems like it’s 40. I came home Friday to a spotless house!! My husband had the day off and had the kids help out. That was too awesome not to have to get the house cleaned up so we could enjoy going to the Fest.   Now it’s my kids turn to say it was a mistake to get me the kindle for Christmas. Is it such a big deal that I brought it to read on the way to German Fest and on the way back? 🙂 I needed to finish At Peace by Kristen Ashley. There was a part where it had me in tears. This is the second book to do that to me. I normally don’t tear up but this got me.


There’s a part in there where one of the neighbors Tina takes bleach and writes BITCH in Violet’s grass. Thank goodness Joe handled it before Vi ripped her head off. The stalker jerk had me quite irritated, the dude had to be off his rocker thinking Vi would actually want to be with him after her killed her husband, brother, and was trying to kill Joe. I LOVED how Vi’s daughters were able to also walk right into Joe’s heart. The youngest actually tried to get him to wear a pink shirt with flowers on it LOL. Not good for the bad boy image :). Then there’s the issue of who to choose, Joe or Mike? I’m screaming in my head JOE JOE JOE. Mike might be a great guy but he doesn’t light Vi’s soul up like Joe does, not to mention good looks, great body, protective, good lover, yea it’s a no brainer 🙂

Vi sees her parents pull up in her driveway and instantly starts throwing pictures and nic nacs around, she knows Sam is dead. Sam is her protective, awesome brother! Joe starts to go to her and she runs, cutting her foot, Joe grabs her and puts her down and has someone call the Doc. The daughters are wondering what’s going on and when they find out Uncle Sam is dead they go to pieces. Joe is there to hold them all. What a picture Joe, Vi, the girls all hugging on the bed. Yea that whole part grabbed my heart!

I have to say I need to back off reading so I can concentrate on lesson plans and putting my class back together. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a to read list :):):). I wish I had one more day to relax


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