Gluten Free Italian Cookies?

I was surprised last week when my son and his dad went to the bakery and brought back some wonderful Italian cookies. Reminds me of my nana so much and I miss her greatly.

I need to figure out how to make these cookies gluten free!!! My son already has to be on a GF diet and I really need to be better about it for myself. When we went to the farmer’s market last Saturday there was a stand that had breads, dressing, etc. The gentleman offered a sample of bread to my son and I told him sorry  he can’t have it unless it’s gluten free. Then he tells me that his restaurant has freshly made gluten free noodles and deserts…..oh really? Guess we are gonna have to check that out. I would kill for some coffee and a couple cookies right now yummmmmm.


well I better head to work, ta ta for now. have a great day.

OH, I’m reading Slammed by Colleen……(forgot her last name). I’ll be sure to let you know about it 🙂


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