I finished reading Kristen Ashley’s Breathe. I think it had some great teachable moments in there while this couple are finding each other. SPOILER:

Faye is talking to Lauren about what to do about Chace’s dark side. So Lauren tells Faye about her and Tate especially the part that coincides with what is happening with Chace. Lauren goes on to say that Tate’s life was derailed totally! It was unexpected and he didn’t handle it well, not because he isn’t smart or a good man just because life can sock you in the gut, wind you and before you get your breath back, it can turn to shit and then two decades later, you find your stuck in it. He got stuck. He pulled it partly together but he didn’t pull it totally together until he found me.

This is not to say I believe only a woman can heal a man or at this early stage with things with Chace you need to take on the burden of healing his wounds. The man or woman, has got to want a better life for themselves.  They have to want to get past their issues.  They also have to be willing to share that load. If they don’t, a woman can work and slave and she’ll never get anywhere.  But if they want that better life and are willing to work at it, finding someone who genuinely cares, who want to help, who is honest and thoughtful and generous and the hardest but sometimes the most important of all forgiving, can do wonders to assist along this journey.

Honesty, generosity, and forgiveness can grow into love and love, honey, real nourishing love, I truly believe, can heal anything. Because if you love someone, you’ll want a good life for them and for yourself and you’ll do anything to make that happen.

This totally touched me and I had to look at my own life…naw put my nose back in the book but I did highlight the bits in there that spoke to me. Gotta love that ability to highlight on my kindle :).

Then there is a part where Faye is upset with Chace because he won’t share with her this dark part of his life. He keeps saying that it’s worse that she can expect so she goes on to say. Maybe it is but you not sharing is telling me you don’t trust me to be able to handle it. Which means you don’t trust me to hold up my side of the relationship. Which means we don’t actually have a relationship. I don’t have to have had one to know that both people in a relationship have responsibilities for keeping it strong and making it thrive and part of that is taking each other’s back. You have mine but refuse to allow me to take yours.

OMG I love what she says!!!

Then at the end of the book the little boy they saved is graduating from high school he is giving a speech. Tugged at my heart:

This world is infested with dark and it can drag you down and make you believe that’s all there is. But they taught me with dark comes light and light is stronger and more powerful because it never gives up. There were good people in this world who sense wrong being done and set out about making it right. They didn’t talk about it, they didn’t think about it. They did it. It cost them time and money and emotion. All this for a kid they did not know.

Needless to say this book is in my top 5 of Kristen Ashley’s!! There is some great food for thought.

Have a great day 🙂 be blessed!


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