Holy Overwhelming day batman!

Talk about having an overwhelming day yesterday! I had waaaaaay to many sad things happening. My assistant is having another miscarriage second one this year :(, if there is someone who would make a fantastic mom it would be her! Then my Aunt passed away Sunday morning. She was a wonderful woman, had 9 children and was married to my Uncle for 53 years. You would’ve thought they were newlyweds their entire marriage. I’ll take the word of what others say since I haven’t even been on this earth 53 years. My ex was saying not true and mean things to my daughters on Father’s Day (I’ll have my rant)about me. Then I has 12 kids in my class, 2 of them are disabled. Having me and a assistant wasn’t enough. I’m hoping we aren’t combining today. I had a ton to do and by the time I was done with work I was done with even attempting my to do list. Instead I went to my kitchen and cooked puerto rican pork chops, rice, and beans, sliced up some avocado. It was a very flavorful dinner yummmmm. I’ll post the recipe when I get home from work. I HAVE to go grocery shopping or my children are going to go on strike. I left them a note saying I wanted this house cleaned it was trashed and I was about to throw a mom fit :).

Needless to say when I walked in the door after the day I had yesterday, it was a refreshing sight to see and smell how clean my house became. I have some awesome children that’s for sure.

Wish I had more time to ramble but I have to get out of here and start my day. Be blessed till next time :):)


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