beans beans beans

Nothing like waking up at 4:30 am to a painful sinus headache 😦 NOT good. I did some training for continuing education, I only did one part of a 5 part course:(. I wanted to get that finished this morning but the headache had other plans. It’s starting to subside and reading will just make it worse, so I’ll wait.

Who would think that dried pinto beans could be so much fun. I a tray out with a medium sized bowl, filled it half way, added a smaller bowl and spoon. The kids would sit there and scoop the bean from one bowl to the next for a bit, then they would use their hands to do it, then they poured from one bowl to the next. I love the look on their faces when they are concentrating so much on a task. I have some empty powerade bottles that I’ll be bringing in for them to fill up and dump out the beans. See how they like that.

I filled my sensory table full of easter grass and put dinosaurs in it. The kids LOVED the idea, they are also very good about making sure they clean up any grass that falls on the floor.

I’m also trying to get things together for the summer, I’ll have a new set of children :(:(. That is the worst part of my job is when they go to another room. I’ve met some great people in my 4 years at this center. I’ve kinda been having an itch to do it out of my home again. My assistant said she would do it with me in a heartbeat. It is so tempting but I have to get a house first lol and I like getting out of work before my kids and hubby come home. I’m able to get a lot done around the house, errands taken care of, dr. appointments, etc and not have it interfere with family time. Having it out of my home means 6am-6pm. That part doesn’t appeal to me


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