New to the world of blogging

I have a sick little boy at home today :(. He missed 4 days of school 2 weeks ago because of strep and now it seems to be his ear this time. He said his ear is popping, so I put some ear drops in it.  Chicken soup it is!!

While at work I was talking to another co worker (preschool teacher) about one of my children. I told her it’s amazing how much children can teach us. I have 3 children and each one of them is very much alike and yet have their own uniqueness. I have a friend that is a family counselor and she really helped me to learn creative ways of teaching, discipling, etc. With my son I noticed he was so smart yet he avoided books, handwriting was terrible, learned to tie his shoes late, not to mention he had some food sensitivities corn being the biggest one. As he’s aged we can add in parmesan cheese, gluten, sugar, green peppers. He’s also dyslexic. Holy moly you want to talk about frustrating!!! His short term memory is terrible but yet if he hears me talking on the phone he’ll remember something I said….really? what a stinker!  I used to watch Glenn Beck and he would be on the computer and out of the blue my son would laugh and say you know mom he’s right…..huh?

So with this awesome son of mine I have learned to be more sensitive to my preschool kids and make sure when I do my lesson plans it’s a multi sensory approach.

He gets very frustrated with the food he can’t eat. No corn syrup!!! he gets bright red cheeks and makes him hyper. Sugar, brown rice syrup same thing. He does fine with agave, succanant, honey. I believe we will be adding dairy to his list very soon. I was told I need to cut dairy out and it’s amazing how the muscle and joint aches aren’t there and other things.

uh oh, he’s awake and asking for me to make him a lavendar bath so I better go for now.



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